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Passit is currently looking for a voluntary blogger to write review about other Website and Technologies, Actualities and more.  So if you Planning on Working a news media Passit Is the Place to start Blogger will not only have the the opportunities to broadcast their blog all over the world via Passit, (JN Joly News) Mobile apps, our toolbar, but they will also have the opportunity of an moderate membership, a stable  reference... and more since it's voluntary Blogger can work on their own times and terms, if you interested please contact us.

For more info our web, Photo, Graphic design please contact us on the contact link at the left hand side of the screen. for Affiliate programs, Press and all other inquiries click on the "Misc"  and forn webs desifn tutorial click on theThe Forum link Passit Id doing Every we can to Provided the best to the user.... Sign up for free now... for unlimited access to our site..



What Is Passit? Passit is a Social Networking site unlike Facebook or MySpace Passit keep your privacy one of our top secret we  doesn't sell you privacy to other network or Advertisers that's what make us unique... and truth worthy of our work... 

What do we do? We Do pretty much everything possible on the webs.. from  Music, Video, TV, Movie, Interact with friend and family, discussion forum, photo editing store... work from home our hired someone. and more because we believe the average American spend more time online one social network then any other network

What what is our Philosophy?  Our philosophy to make the Social networking more useful since the most people use social network we create a social network, since the economic  is up and down people losing jobs. we make a widget Of jobs opportunity and since most teen like to glitter their Picture we make a Photoshop like apps so their they and we keep going and going we put every useful on the webs in one site....

 Interview by: John. C

-Joly News 


- D. Simon        CEO/Adm..                       Passit Inc,Tickt                                                                          D. Simon also know as Kmaro Simon, Live in Miami, former Student at M.A.U (Miami Atlantic University) Major MBA Computer Science,, Hobbies Webs, Photos, and Graphics  Designing... More Coming Soon...

- John  C. Admin at Joly News  Adm. at PassIt/Tickt/

 Bio Coming soon...

Check it out unlimed Help from Passit Template code, html and help for free.. plus everything in between Tickt Is the best best way way for new user to start Building their webpage on their own...

For more info Please contact us on the contact us link on the left side of your screen Email us give us a call at 305-814-0DKS (0357)